What clothes match my spirit? Brightly colored clothes like this orange lace skirt and red shirt combination. Neutrals like this lace buttery shade skirt and top and muted tones like the navy blue long lace shirt I have on today. You know by now I love oversize shirts. Though, this one, like several others I still have in my wardrobe, is made of lace and cut in feminine silhouette. I am especially loving the lace Victorian-esque collar on it.  I love the comfort and versatility of loose tops. They match my spirit when I am having a carefree day. One minute they can be tucked into my bottoms, ready to take on the day's tasks, and next minute they are running wild with the wind. This loose top works for me now and would work for anyone in need of 'non-maternity' maternity wear. It brings to mind the poem I had shared here without context. You see I had written  that piece of poem a long while ago when the air was rife with talks of babies and rings and marriages. I had gotten into the spirit of living vicariously in that moment as I had listened to older cousins gist. 
Shutter Stock Eavesdropper
Did you have a number of older aunties when you were younger? Did you listen in on conversations?
When I had briefly reconnected (started a hi-hello conversation) with someone from that moment in time, the spirit of that moment, along with all those silly chitchats I'd eavesdropped on came back to mind. Much like the spirit of Christmas. Anybody else feel the spirit of Christmas yet? :-D I am a sucker for it. 
Spirit of Christmas
Source: CRCCOnline
Which of the seasons get your spiritual being excited? is it....
Spirit of Hannukah
Source: Sheet Music Plus
 or is it.....
Spirit of Halloween
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Source: YourJStory
Aw, babes. You've got to get it lit.

 What clothes would you choose today to match your spirit?
Today, I'm low-key easy breezy casual. You?

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