Skinny Girl does Lemon Water Detox

Lemon detox recipes and benefits

Not too recently, I wondered if a lemon detox was good for a skinny girl like me. You’ve heard how it is said that we should drink 8 glasses of water in a day. If you have attempted that health tip (I did for two weeks) you must know that it is not an easy feat. Two factors were discouraging: The constant peeing, plus the fact that I could literally feel the water move in my stomach as I moved.
You’ve also heard the mindset that ‘detox’ is for fuller fleshed women. For a while I partially bought into the mindset, but day after day, month after month and year after year I consume a lot of stuff orally as do fuller fleshed women and so…..
I began to wonder how I could keep a clean and healthy ‘insides’ in a way that is comfortable for my body size and physical activities and yet is simple to maintain. I also began to wonder what lemon detox recipe or colon cleanse recipe would be appropriate for me.
Bear in mind that I am not exactly fastidious about anything, but again and again when news crop up about a demise due to failed health, I try to give my body a helping hand.
For me, my body is a vehicle for my spirit and soul and without it, well, then there’s no dwelling place for the two major aspects of my trinity.
I began taking a slice of lemon in warm water first thing in the morning as an at-home lemon detox routine, only two times (twice) in a week without any intermittent fasting. 
In fact, with an adding to caloric intake.
What are the Benefits I have observed?
1.      The first thing I observed was reduction in acne/pimples appearance on my face. ( I usually have new spurts when I’m stressed)
2.    Improved bowel movement.
I especially like this colon cleanse as accumulated waste and toxins in the colon puts pressure on the liver and kidney and these stresses do show up sometimes as acne on the face.
3.    Improved digestion and lesser bloat.
Bloat is that condition where your stomach is bigger than usual for no reason, because all you know it was flatter yesterday, so what happened? Gas happened due to indigestion. You’ve see the skinny girl, big tummy scenario?

What are the unseen Benefits I hope to garner from it?
1.      Anti-aging: Lemon is known to contain loads of vitamin C which helps to boost the immune system and protects skin from premature aging.
The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey reported that women who consumed more vitamin C had stronger, firmer skin, less dryness, and fewer wrinkles.
2.    Support for Normal Kidney and Liver Function
Lemons support both the liver and kidneys. Some studies have found that the citric acid in lemon juice can help discourage kidney stones. [i] One study found lemon juice worked as well as potassium citrate for urinary calcium stones. [ii]
I believe, all things being equal, that prevention is better than cure.

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