When you have picked out a black lace dress that looks good on you based on your body type and purpose of purchase, be it for a wedding, funeral or formal event the next question you might ask the sales person, a friend or more importantly, yourself, would be how to wear it.

source: The Confashionary
  What accessories would complement a black lace dress? Personally, I adore the look of gold on black. Like this gold necklace I’ve chosen. It always comes off regal. Then, what make up would be appropriate for a simple black lace dress? I prefer red lips on a neutral face or soft pink lipstick still on a neutral face. Next, is what shoes to wear? The good thing about a black lace dress is that whether it is for casual day time or for after 5 events, any color of shoes will go. Depending on the overall look you wish to achieve, be it playful, elegant or minimalistic.
 For this look, I aimed for an African infusion so, I finally diyed this pair of chunky block heels from Zaful. They came with gold bands around the ankles which were very easy to remove and replace with fabric pieces of this Ankara material which I wore here in a self-designed ‘úkwù ogodo na-abụọ’ skirt when I was in the elements. Reminds me when marriage came knocking with a bottle of scotch and another, barely in my second year in Uni and I just couldn’t imagine myself decked to the nines in the full ‘wifely’ regalia. Besides, father said “Baby girl was going to marry educated, not business” I digress.

Now, why did I buy this black dress with lace sleeves and lace hem? Just as the author said, as quoted above, in the book which I'm still reading A Woman's Guide to a Simpler Life by Andrea Van Steenhouse, PH.D. with Doris A. Fuller (which I first mentioned I started reading here.) I did buy this dress because I wanted a ‘pick-me-up’. I imagined myself looking good in it. Now that I’ve worn it though, I’ll say the dress looks good on me, not me looking good in it.
Do you look good in your outfit? Or does it look good on you? 
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