And we lived happily ever after like vintage Walt Disney royals. In a story book love, yes. In real life it’s more like Princess Moana or Mulan. Discovering ourselves as we grow older and deeper in love, finding our path and accepting our destiny. Things really get messy, and pleasantly so too as complexions change while you’re basking in the sun in Jamaica, white teeth yellow from too many wine tasting in Paris vineyards or dishabille hair from cruising atop elegant ocean liners dressed up in all white. Oh the dreams we dream.
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I’m awake today dressed in soft pink stripes and stretching to the glorious sun rays.
It was an awfully wet week from July the 2nd, but, it’s been dry three days straight now. Lovely, perfect for a little pleasant stroll in casual relaxed vibes and attire. I’m still loving the feel of these faux suede pants that I wore here previously, they are warm for the chilly weather in Lagos, Nigeria and chic for gentle glamour. I dressed down the look with this pair of faithful creamy slides. I’ve mostly done stripes in classic black and white, occasionally I dabble in multi-color stripes like this multi-color striped wide leg pants and this multi-color pin stripe pleated midi skirt.
  I’m enjoying the softness of this knit wear pink stripes. It’s the perfect lounge wear when you don’t do yoga pants.
 How has your life been? Pleasant I hope.

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  1. Great look and liking the colour. Greetings to you and nice week!


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