Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Zaful Embroidered Jeans X Red Gingham Shirt

zaful embroidered jeans denim
Daniel Wellington watch / c/o Zaful  floral embroidered jeans / Nine West cross body bag / Stephen Collins belt / 
Today, I'm trying out this lovely embroidered denim pants from Zaful. I wore it with a collared red gingham shirt I've worn differently before. I've worn embroidered jeans from Zaful before. The difference between that pair and this pair of floral embroidered jeans from Zaful is the intricacy of the embroidery design. While the Paul and Zera brand pair preferred adjustable patch work embroidery, this one has its embroidery woven into the fabric which I'm also vibing because it's a lot more detailed.
Life, every now and again reminds us that we are but one tiny thread woven in the grand scheme of existence, liable to be replaced when we've done our due or failed to do so, but until then, we hold on and live the best lives that we can weaving our path as beautifully as we can, just as done on this embroidered pair of blue jeans. Choosing a thread that most speaks to us, weaving patterns that look beautiful to our own eye, accessorizing with what life has given to us.....maybe a Stephen Collins belt, a Nine West cross body bag, a Daniel Wellington watch, a pair of go-to slides; which btw, you must have noticed I got in several different colors back when I got them.
How are you weaving the details of your life or are you focused on weaving someone else's?
red gingham shirt
stephen collins belt
daniel wellington watch

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