Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Scarves have a way of elevating and transforming an outfit, be it a thin scarf, a tasseled scarf, stripes, patchwork, pom poms or a floral scarf as I have on. A scarf will make a simple outfit look many times better when done right. In today’s look, I have maneuvered this TU large floral scarf into a head wrap to uplift this sequin beaded tunic that I previously wore tucked underneath a skirt.  Head wraps are classy, elegant and posh. It’s well known that a lot of people who wear head wraps do so as a culture or for religious purposes; me, myself have been religiously praying to get rid of unforgiveness and because my spiritual beliefs are more based on knowledge than blind fellowship I’ve been researching what forgiveness means and how forgiveness helps the health. I’m learning granting student loan forgiveness is quite different from the kind of forgiveness that keeps you mentally, physically and emotionally safe and secure in relating with people. Nowadays, though, head wraps are fast becoming a fashion statement as young Africans embrace this embodiment of their culture. I love that this yellow based floral scarf is so colorful against the basically all white ensemble and outside religion, spirituality or culture it could be worn as a head wrap as I have done or around the neck in several ways.
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Now, on to white
Summer white. Winter white. Wedding white. White in Harmattan, worse for rainy season. Arrgh! When exactly is it appropriately convenient to wear white? I say wear white whenever you feel like it and put a trench over it if you’re worried about stains. White is chic, white is classy and trĂ©s elegant. A wonderful aspect of white outfits is that white reflects heat and so, unlike black, which absorbs all that heat from the sun, white throws off the shade and keeps you cool regardless of how hot it keeps getting.
White jeans are a way to add some extra fanciness to an outfit. Kudos if they come embellished. If not, you could keep the dressy vibes going with an embellished shirt like this intricately sequined white tunic I have on. 


  1. You look so chic! Great outfit choice.


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