Thursday, June 15, 2017


Understanding Wardrobe Core Values
Hamilton Saffiano

To remix, restyle and rewear, I put a fresh spin on this floral embroidered mini dress by mixing up lady-like dressing, stripes and athleisure elements in the outfit. I thought to go rebellious and dig up an old backpack for the look, but eh, I’ve been loving this crossbody bag. Today’s look is about the floral embroidered mini dress which I styled just yesterday. I love that this dress aligns with my wardrobe core values which I told you about here.

What are Wardrobe Core Values?
They are those values or principles that guide your purchase of items for your wardrobe. They help you make logical purchases without being affected by trendy emotions such as the sweet-talks of the seller, the popularity of seasonal trends or what all your friends are buying.
My Wardrobe Values are:
(a)   Versatility
(b)  Practicality
(c)   Quality

Let’s talk versatility today
To be versatile in this context means to have many uses. When I purchase items for my wardrobe I ask myself if I can wear it with at least 4-5 items already in my closet. If I can then it’s a good buy. I do not believe in dresses that are one-hit wonders. Though, they have their occasion. One-hit wonder dresses are those dresses that can be worn only one way. They are practically impossible to style any other way, but the way they have been tailored. You want an idea of such dresses? Attend a Nigerian Owambeparty! They are glamorously fit for the occasion. This floral embroidered dress is fabulously fit for many occasions as I have demonstrated by styling it witha pair of black pants and extra-long sleeved white shirt here and then layeringa tutu tulle skirt underneath and now, today, layering a blue lace athleisure inspired shirt over it.

How do you inculcate these values?
As with everything in life begin thinking about what values you want for your wardrobe. To help your thought process here are versatile floral dresses for your wardrobe. 

athleisure v-neck stripe lace top shirt
Stripe Slip-on sneakers

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