Wednesday, June 7, 2017


how to tie a large scarf with light pink lace dress

A Yellow scarf such as this large floral one promises so many possibilities. There are so many ways to tie a large scarf. Today, I have thrown it over a light pink lace dress to keep me warm from the chilly rainy weather we have been having. This is my debut of this lovely blush bubblegum pink lace dress with sleeves and as usual I will be wearing it several ways. It’s like a pink diamond in my wardrobe because it has an authority that’s all its own. This dress makes me want to imbibe an attitude of wearing pink on Wednesdays; unfortunately, I’d need a PA to remind my scatter-brain about that decision. 
And as I'm now fond of doing with short dresses, I've lengthened the hem by wearing a lavender tutu skirt underneath.
I've been living in slides too, cream, tan, black, name it. So, comfy and yet stylish. 
light pink lace mini dress with sleeves

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  1. Lovely colour and suitable outfit. Greetings.


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