Monday, June 19, 2017

Off Duty Style // Pink Long Sleeve Lace Dress

Mimius Luxury pink lace dress / Clarks shoes / 

Say hello to this soft pink lace mini dress. It’s a lacey perspective here. I’m serving femininity with camp today in soft pink lace and olive utilitarian sleeveless trench. Today, I’ve styled this long sleeve lace dress a little feminine, a little utilitarian. I’ve not gotten around to replacing the buttons on this army green trench style military vest which I wore over a pair of Ankara pants here. I’ve been wanting to replace the white buttons with gold ones in order to effect a more regal sophisticated look. The white buttons give it the luxury of softness which it cannot afford as it does not move from vehicle to vehicle, rather it gallivants about town doing tough stuff that everyday humans do. Such activities therefore require sturdiness, the wisdom of sophistication and the elegance that window-dresses weariness, ahem, tanned feet. 
Anyways, lace has become my unofficial uniform as of late, if you’ve noticed, I’ve been wearing a variety of lace; lace dresses in different colors and lace skirts, tops and blouses. It’s a known fact that I’m enthusing over it as it checks every box for ladylike in which ever form it comes, though I tend to lean towards sturdier lace than lightweight ones and I try to steer clear from stretchy, rubbery lace unless we’re talking lacey leggings. Have you heard of lace eyebrows? I digress, but that stuff is weird. So, I choose buttery nude shoes and bag to complete the look; keeping it sweet and almost innocent. A hint of edge with the black necklace strand and black humble bows on the buttery nude shoes, I believe the entire outfit is ready for the city. 

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