White top shirt off shoulder
c/o Zaful shoes / custom-made Ankara print pants / local shop bought top 

From behind the scenes of my closet; 13 HOURS most days, these white shirts fight back against overwhelming odds on days when every outfit attempt goes wrong, prior preparations go to toss or wardrobe malfunctions happen every which way, time is short and there seem to be no hope in sight.

They are glaringly discreet, prim and proper feminine, but mean business in protecting me from being a complete disaster on such paramount moments as when I’ve highlighted most colors on this pair of Ankara pants, first the green, then the subtle mint and then with mustard-y yellow, now  there’s no fresh way to remix the look. But, wait. Fresh? A white shirt is fresh. An off-the shoulder origami detailed white top is a whole other take on fresh. The intricate weaving on this white top isn’t exactly lace, but I admire the way each narrow string of fabric is strung along to create a lacy look around the neckline of the Bardot-style top. It’s the little things; the attention to minute details like these that bring out the beauty in an item or outfit or life even. 

I’ve begun paying good positive attention to the small things in life again and my inner state is being rewarded. Some things now have new meaning and some other things become inconsequential. Growing older sure does have its perks I won’t give back for any reason. Solid knowledge about what is important, for one. Looking good is important. It’s the side of you you present as you go about your daily grind. I love the appeal of white against this multi-color print pants. This outfit is like a black-and-white look with some zing. Chain strap bags always have their way of glamorizing an entire outfit and I’ve loved this quilted one of late.

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