Wednesday, May 31, 2017


There are three things I love about this yellow top and none of them is because it looks like a bumble bee. The yellow is no mellow yellow. The bright optimistic color is on a sheer fabric and it’s a crop top. Obviously if you’re wearing bright yellow you’re not playing safe in dispersing your happiness to the world nor are you allowing any sadness in your psyche or sphere.  If you’re in dull spirits you might find yellow to be overwhelming and a feat to pull off because this sunny shine is not for the dull in spirit, on the other hand if despite your despondency you find a way to include the color in your look for a week, at least, you’ll find a gradual rise in your mood. Well, if you still insist it’s out of your comfort zone or not flattering on you there are very many other ways to wear yellow than how I’ve worn it in this look. Of course, you know from my enthusiasm about yellow that I’ll be wearing varying shades of this color a lot, off duty, for the next few months. An overdose of yellow will not kill a fellow as shown by ever stylishly sophisticated Victoria Beckham in this top-to-toe all canary look and by Jada Pinkett wearing Victoria Beckham. She’s like a yellow diamond glistening in the warm weather of the season. Let’s take a look down memory lane at some of the times that I have worn yellow. Remember when I wore this yellow lace top over blueskirt? I wore the lace top again here in a double yellow combo and then here with a horizontal pinstripe pleated full skirt. That’s a versatile top, no? Hmmm. I’m now thinking of giving that yellow lace top another spin.
In my look today, I show you that yellow is everything as I’ve once again worn this sheer yellow crop top, but this time I paired it with……..Ankara! Yes, I’m African. Can’t be dulling my African-ness  :-D  So, it’s a yellow and printed pink combination in a crop top and custom-made culottes ensemble. Give it a go, why don’t you? Shop yellow tops and blouses here

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