Thursday, May 11, 2017

Effortless Style // The War between Stripes and Ankara

When I watched the movie War Room I gained an awareness of how we let out pent up pensive thoughts, worries, anxieties and dark moods. I came to realize that we each have our War Rooms. We have aspects of our lives into which we channel our darkness and either convert it to light or bury ourselves deeper into dark oblivion.
Prayer, praises, writing, music, booze, quirky hobbies, careers…these could all be our War Rooms; where we say the words and let out the emotions no one else could possibly understand.
Imagine stepping into someone’s War Room. You will never see the person the same because you have become introduced to their lunacy.
Nothing to be ashamed of, we are all raving mad. The sanest people are the ones who have found, embraced and prettified their war rooms.
Have you one? Have you a positive one? Have you a negative one? Or are you still raving mad all over the place. My outfit today is a medley of madness with the juxtapositioning of stripes and Ankara and the casual chic feel of buttery slides. Speaking of butter, I’ve been on avocado buttering of my bread for breakfast. You know I’m all about healthy choices. 

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