Monday, May 29, 2017


Lowry's Farm mini dress top / local shop bought sheer yellow crop top / old leggings
Yellow is my new favorite bright color right now because it glistens like a little bit of happiness that everybody needs. I've been feeling a lot happier than I've felt in the past few months, but I'm not as happy as I remember being before 2014. Following the loss of my dad in my last year at Uni the stages of grief gradually crept in everyday that he wasn't there and with life, work and relationships came other stressors which eventually threw me in the depressive stage of grief. I have always been the quiet observing type and skinny too, but with some more flesh than I have on now ;-). I became a morose person and a whole lot skinnier in the face of many dampening toxicities, but sunny side up, when you have learned to selflessly love yourself you'll always rediscover those hidden strengths inside you no matter how awry life situations go.
 Now, I don’t do favorites, but this sunshine color has a way of lifting and brightening my mood when I wear the many shades of it. Since I’ve been into lavender for soft pastels it should only follow that I’d soon rediscover this yellow lavender petal floral mini dress from deep within my wardrobe.  
There are very many ways that yellow can be worn even if you do not like to wear the color from head to toe. Adding elements of this reinvigorating color in the form of accessories is enough to infuse some extra flair to your outfit.
A yellow belt here, a yellow bag there, yellow earrings or necklace or even a pair of statement yellow shoes.
So, here are 5 ways to wear yellow
1.       Yellow with neutrals: Neutrals like white, cream, beige, ivory or blue jeans have a minimizing effect on bright yellow. When yellow is worn with neutrals it tames the potentially overpowering effect of the happy-go-lucky color.
2.       Yellow with black: Black gives yellow a sharp edge and together they both come off looking fabulous. If you’re worried about looking like a bee you could add in a third color.
3.       Yellow as an accessory: Wear whatever colors you want to wear and just pick up a yellow bag. A blue toned outfit will go with a yellow bag. Purple, pink, red, green, brown a lot of other colors will go with a yellow handbag, a yellow shoe or yellow earrings.
4.       As accents on a printed dress or top: If head to toe yellow is not your kind of style nor is a solid yellow piece of clothing, but you like the happy vibe that yellow brings, then bits of yellow accents on a dress or top that already has your favorite colors
5.       As a jacket or top: Yellow can easily be worn as a top and styled so in many different ways. As a top it can be softened with plain neutrals or toughen with black, either way it keeps an all round neutrals look from being boring. It could also be the solid color needed to cement a vibrant printed bottom or dress. 

PS: My Instagram is gone for the now. I dearly itched for a fresh start, wrong move obviously, but I'll have a new one up and running soon.

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