Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Million Reasons // The One Secret to Surviving and Enjoying Life

We all have expectations and hopes. I like to think of my expectations as hope because #hope and #faith are interrelated. I keep up hope that my goals in life will be achieved despite what goes on in my life. The more I hold out hope that things will work out good, the more I see things working out good. Even though life is full of peculiarities like the mixture of patterns on my sheer shirt, hope keeps us believing that there are many ways to survive: many ways to style this multi patterned shirt when paired with a solid staple foundation like a pair of blue jeans. 

#amillionreasons #onemillionreasons #enjoyinglife

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  1. Happy international women's day to you beautiful! I also believe in the power of our minds and positive thinking. YOu look lovely Inez!



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