Monday, March 6, 2017

Dark Pomegranate // The Importance of a Long Lace Top

Small meaningless talks, the barking response of a #dog, the scary dark spaces in yard corners, the arguing of neighbors, shouted #greetings, muted television sounds, the thought of what to eat, the thought of how to make money, #music from across the street, the latest celebrity news, the consideration of what to wear with what, the small worries over finances and health..........these are some of the little things that darkly perfume our thoughts. To simplify, we sometimes only need to choose a thought and run with it for a while until we find what soothes our mind. Like the thought of how to spice up our everyday casual look. 
Tired of the ole t-shirt and jeans look? How about reckoning with the importance of a lacy long top. One that can be easily slipped on and needn't any accessory simply for the fact that it is elegance on its own. 

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