Celebrate Being a Woman.

Tomorrow is International Women's Day! A Day to celebrate being a woman. A Day to remind ourselves to looove our every being. To love all the challenges we've experienced since we realized....what, I'm a woman. To love how these challenges have shaped our lives. To heal from the wounds that we have been inflicted, by ourselves and others. To remind ourselves to keep fighting to protect our boundaries and our self-respect. To remind ourselves how far we have come in our journey as women. To remind ourselves to support each other the best way we can. 
It feels good to think that I am a woman. Hope you feel the same. So here, Let's do what women have the advantage to do very well alone or together.......Let's have fun shopping at a discount

#internationalwomensday #askhermore #womensday

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  1. love this post! i totally agree that we should celebrate women and rise together xo, sharon



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