Thursday, February 2, 2017

Weekend Style // Details before the Crucifixion of a Simple Plain Shirt

Merona (Leopard Print) shoes / 
I've seen situations take a different turn when we add in the details of the truth. Sometimes, at the point of crucifixion of a person someone adds in a tiny bit of detail that immediately produces a significant change in perspective or at the point of leniency we catch a news and realize we were about to let a crook go. This would be a plain looking top without the gold chain fringe details. I love that it's a simple enough top to throw on a tank and jeans combination, yet there's some elevation due to the gold chains hanging from the hem. 


  1. Why, I love this top. Since I'm on the big side lol it will hide my excess belly flaps . Thanks for sharing Inez.

  2. Love this top!!!! Happy Friday!!!
    Xx Brandi


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