Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Style // Olive skirt and Orange Fringe Shirt

Sometimes we think to do a thing and then we don’t. To plan an action borne of a thought; to put materials down and take #productive steps to make a thought concrete is something we can control. Hopefully, we have enough moral fiber to help us navigate our thoughts towards good.
Speaking of fiber, the yarns that fringed the hem of this shirt steered me in its direction to make a purchase. I paired it with blue denim the first time I wore it and for my second wear I chose this #olive tone #skirt.



  1. This looks is so beautiful. I love your jewelry!

    District of Chic

  2. Oh what a lovely top, and yes loving the fringe detail. I bet it looked good with denim as it is such a fun color and looks good with blue. It also looks good with this skirt. Excellent job with the styling.

    Allie of


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