Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lifestyle // What is Brazilian Gold?

When it comes to gifting myself a pair of jewelry I like to get something that will last, something that I can even pass down, like my #grandma passed down to me a lovely Brazilian gold necklace which she referred to as goldi Igbo, meaning Igbo #gold. I argued with a friend about it being a better investment to splurging at night outs and drinking sprees. 

What is Brazilian Gold?
Brazilian Gold is 18kt solid gold-filled fine fashion #jewelry. It has been referred to as the “gold of the future”.

How is Brazilian Gold made?
It is made by pressure bonding a very thick layer of 18kt gold to a base metal to produce a bond that is permanent.  This pressure bonding of gold over another metal is used in many high-end jewelry.

How does Brazilian Gold differ from real gold and gold-plated jewelry?
Due to the substantially thick layer of 18kt solid gold, it boasts the physical qualities of solid gold such as beauty, durability and strength, but at the fraction of the cost. Being gold-filled, Brazilian Gold will not tarnish nor cause allergic reactions to sensitive wearers and it will last for as long as 15-30 years while regular gold-plated jewelry which is usually made by using electricity or chemicals to deposit a very thin layer of gold over another metal will tarnish quickly because molecules of the base metal (i.e the metal on which the gold was plated e.g copper) would slowly transfer and breakdown the thin layer of gold.

How Long does Brazilian Gold last?
It can last for 15-30 years, depending on care.

How would you care for Brazilian Gold?
As you would any solid gold jewelry:
1.       Keep dry and avoid scratching
2.       Keep away from chemicals. e.g body creams, perfumes e.t.c
3.       Clean regularly in mildly sudsy water

Where to Shop?
The Jewelry Gallery
Alhaja Ganiyat
23b, Iponri Housing Estate, by Nitel, Surulere, Lagos.
Yaba Branch: Opp. Tejuosho House, Tejuosho Yaba, Lagos
Tel: 0802-3177-329, 0802-3337-791

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