Bow Print Dickins and Jones Shirt

Dickins and Jones shirt / Audrey Brooke flats / local shop bought jeans / Kelly Donahue jacket
You've done it. I've done it. We all have done it. You hear a story about what someone did and off we go firing off judgments and adjusting our judgments as we garner new information; most times without even asking why they'd done what they did. 
You've been judged that way. I've been judged that way too. Welcome to our world. In case you're a new comer. I'm not. Especially not with this bow print thrifted Dickins and Jones men's shirt. Since it's the season for green, new growth, new beginnings, fresh ideas or fresh Intel ( I've been watching Blind spot) I thought to wear this lime accented navy jacket over the shirt and to keep the look casual by pairing with my slightly dirty jeans and old faithful tan flats.

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