Work Style // Pinstripe Jacket

Enzo Angiolini shoes / c/o FashionMia jacket / jewelry: Brazilian gold
I like to walk long distances. I spend time in my head, mulling things over when I walk. That’s the real reason I like to walk long distances. When something is taking too much space on my mind I take a walk and by the time I am back I tend to have a clearer view of my troubling thoughts or at least a settled mind. Sometimes, I write a story and have brain conversations when I’m walking. I smile, I laugh, I get angry or give shy laughs depending what memory or thought plays on my mind when I walk. Walking boosts my moods. Sometimes, I forget to walk for long stretches of time and I get cranky and moody. This lovely pinstripe jacket from the women clothing online store of Fashionmia reminds me to take a walk. I love that it’s light weight enough to move in the breeze. The zip lets me do it up if the air becomes too chilly as I walk.
I paired it with a simple black high waist lycra skirt and a pair of modest heeled shoes for work.
What do you do to pump up your mood when you’re moody? Do you walk, read, game or shop? Would you shop women's fashion jackets for the chilly season?


  1. Love this jacket, lady! Great look!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. You're sure looking good with this pinstripe jacket.
    I usually try to drink coffee and sit down to ponder about this issue. At times I go for a retail therapy aka shopping =D
    I hope your mood has improved =)

  3. Un look perfecto, me gusta muchísimo!!
    te espero en mi blog!!

  4. I just love that jacket. You look amazing. Great post.


  5. Lovely post. Walking is the BEST way to clear the mind of worries and to boost our moods. It definitely works for me, and I had to laugh when I read about your forgetting. I always feel 100 times better when I get fresh air and exercise, but every time I do, I am surprised by how great it makes me feel emotionally. I also really like your jewelry!
    xo, janea

  6. Your outfit looks cute.Have a great day.

  7. Love this jacket Inez, it's so pretty. I used to walk a lot when I was in Lagos, loved it. But where I live now the weather is not nice at all so I don't walk as much. xx


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