Weekend Style // Tiered Ruffle Bell Sleeves

Was it a case of misplaced priorities? Money over love? Was it objectification of a human? As a means to an end? When life’s essence, love and priorities get misplaced the results are usually that things feel less full; less free.
This past weekend I traded my usual t-shirt for this full tiered ruffle bell sleeves from SheIn, which I've previously worn here. It’s so full of exuberance; so enthusiastic in the wind what more could a weekend attire be made of?  


  1. Love this look babe! The ruffle detail on your top is so gorgeous... and the pink color is also so perfect with your dark jeans! Have an amazing day girl :)

    XO Jessi,

  2. Your blouse is soo nice! I would love to buy it for myself ;)

    Best Regards - http://izabiela.pl/

  3. I love bell sleeves! These are just perfect. That color is gorgeous on you. Hope you had a wonderful weekend babe!

    xx, Amy

  4. I agree! Dresses are just as easy as shorts or jeans and a tee.Last time I buy the good quality dress in dress black and I fall in love with it .


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