Friday, January 27, 2017

Weekend Style // Fringe Chiffon Jacket

Atmosphere kimono / Oasis jeans / Franco Sarto shoes 
I might be the only one of the people in my life who does not dread Mondays or the whole work week, but, I'm not. When I reflect I realize that I don't recall my mother being negative about going to work. She enjoyed many aspects of her work in education and I may have imbibed her spirit. I don't know how to sit around and do nothing; have no purpose for the day. She wasn't very good at that too. But, I tell you that the weekend has a spirit of its own. A cheery, relaxing let-hell-loose kind of spirit.This fringe jacket or kimono captured the essence of the week. It's wild and carefree. 
I paired it with my old pair of white jeans and 'ole faithful tan block heels.
The only aspect of my life I can think right now feels cheated is being unable to wear anything to work, but then it's the very reason the weekend feels exhilarating and the reason planning my wardrobe is exciting; because there's purpose to the plan.
Do you feel cheated by your work week? In what ways do you feel cheated?
 Wish you a happy weekend!


  1. LOVE this jacket and the sequined top!

  2. Luv the style of the top

  3. Such a gorgeous, chic look babe! I Love both the floral print and the fringe detail on your jacket! Have an amazing weekend girl <3

    XO Jessi,

  4. Interesting choice and look. Greetings!

  5. Loving the fringe! Happy Monday!!!
    Xx Brandi


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