Monday, December 19, 2016

Weekend Style // Breaking Out Statement Pieces this Holiday

Divine Comedy shirt / Denim Co jeans / Vicini for Centro shoes / Billy Blues belt 

You pass by your wall calendar or your daily planner beeps a reminder to that holiday party or Christmas eve with the family and suddenly your heart skips and begins an erratic staccato to the music "What am I going to wear?" Sequins? Metallic? Bold prints? These are all festive; perfect for the holiday season, but should you mix and match them? Wear them from top to bottom? How?
Don't fret. Here are tips and tricks to get you through the crazy merriment this season: 
1. Whether you choose sequins, metallic or bold prints do not wear it from top to bottom unless you're wearing a stunning dress. Instead, wear it as a top or as a bottom and pair with neutrals like I've done with this silver sequins crop shirt. 
 2. You could choose to accessorize with sequins, metallic or bold prints in the form of earrings, a pair of shoes or a statement purse. Belts even. The options are endless. 
 Oh, and do not leave out your significant other. That special man in your life. Gift him a really nice pair of custom-fitted pants for the occasion and be the power couple you know you are. 
What say you? Shop it here.


  1. This top is great! I think I said that before, but it bares repeating.

  2. Gorgeous! Love this look! So chic!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  3. Amazing shirt! thx for link

  4. This top is so cute and sparkly (perfect for the season), I want it!

    Love from NYC,

  5. What a nice dress,maybe next time ,you can try dress white this website.last month,i bought a dress the same to you,the quality is very good and the price is very low!!


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