Monday musings: Elements of True Love

 Clarks shoes / c/o Zaful bag / local shop bought skirt and shirt (Flexx Collections: 08087776494)
I watched the movie 'Age of Adaline' again this past Saturday. In fact, I had been itching to watch it again since the Friday before. So, over a simple breakfast of bread slices, slaps of peanut butter and wake up coffee I tried not to let tear drops mix in with my cuppa, again. The movie is one of those perfect portrayal of true love; true acceptance of another person. It's such a beautiful movie because it dramatized an almost ethereal quality of love that is so so hard to find in this truly self-centered world. 
I use the term 'true love' instead of 'unconditional love' because the latter could be misleading; it sometimes enables the self-entitled thought that our lover ought to accept us as is, even when we consciously choose to be utterly corrupt or unhealthy in any aspect of our existence. Hence, a parent or spouse could truly love but still insist that certain non self-centered conditions be met. Williams wife in the movie did insist on his continued commitment to the family.
When I got this skirt I accepted it was over size because I knew I could set it about right with a little adjustment and even if doing that messed up the stitching it was something I could live with. Speaking of stitching, I absolutely love the stitching on this color block bag from Zaful. The petite bag adds pizazz to simple clean neutral looks when there's a desire for non fussy colors.


  1. Love that bag! And the dress is just dreamy on you!

  2. I love this dress! So pretty!

  3. Great post, loving it.

  4. Amazing style! Love your hand bag ♥

  5. Really love this look.. especially with the bag! :)

    And those heels too.. they are so cute! Looking lovely! :)

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