Thursday, November 10, 2016

Work Style // Pearl Studded Sleeves

Fiore shoes / local shop bought skirt, shirt and necklace 
The #beauty of relationships and #friendships is that they make us aware of who we really are. Every encounter we have with another person makes us aware of who we are at our root. Are we caring or self-centered? Are we easily manipulated or are we ourselves manipulative? Do we seek to understand or seek to control? Are we #dominant or submissive? Are we more inclined to the positive or to the negative? Are we supportive or are we competitive? 
The more we know and accept our true self, the more we feel in power and in control of ourselves. The more control we have of ourselves, the less control someone else can have of us. 
I kept losing control of the positioning of this skirt throughout the course of the day. The silky satiny fabric of the skirt gave it a power over the overall look. One minute I find the zipper sitting at the back and the next it was in front, but I really needed it to remain at the side so that the slits at the back would be well positioned. So, I took charge and pinned it to my satiny slip. Challenge overcomed. 
Notice the pearl studded sleeves of the shirt? I really love that detail. 


  1. Lovely colors Inez and you have such a lovely smile! I love the sleeves on this outfit the most!

  2. Lovely look dear ! the colors of your outfit are very cute .
    I love your shoes .

  3. interesting intro, and I like your look - the combo is perfect ;)


    anna from

  4. In love with this elegant look. The sleeves of the blouse are so cute.

  5. Que look tan ideal, la falda me encantó, muy guapa preciosa. Un besazo

  6. Love the statement sleeves here, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. I love the pearls on the sleeves of this shirt, that's so pretty and unique!

    Raindrops of Sapphire


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