Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Status Symbols // Fall Blossoms

 Cracker Vintage skirt (similar) / Liz Claiborne shoes   / local shop bought shirt
Almost everything quickly becomes a status symbol, and in comes the competitive one-upmanship, which as ingratiating or exciting as it is; is almost inevitable. Sometimes, we unwittingly get snatched up in it and find ourselves either on the right side or on the wrong side. When this one-upmanship isn't checked, things quickly spiral into a toxic cycle where focus veers off enjoying time with loved ones to judging and tallying off groups based on who has acquired this new status symbol.
And then out of fear to not be tallied off, individuals strive to acquire the new status symbol; so that they still belong; so that they still appear relevant......and then something new appears; something you must again acquire in order to belong; in order to appear relevant.
I make a conscious decision to not belong....unless I have a personal reason to want to belong. This season I've joined in with the crowd to wear floral and blossoms as I've done every other Fall. Floral prints lift my spirit and are timeless. I will always strive to belong with timelessness and classics. 


  1. Very beautiful outfit! Love how this vintage shirt looks with a floral skirt.


  2. So pretty! those colours look amazing on you :)


  3. You look beautiful :)

    Love, Lindsey

  4. This is such a pretty look! The color of the top goes so well with the skirt! :)


  5. Och, amazing outfit!
    Perfect shoes :)

  6. Nice post!
    Maybe follow for follow? :) If you agree, follw me, let me know and I follow you :)

  7. "one-upmanship" cracked me up. I do know what you mean. Lol

    You've reminded me to embrace floral prints more, I usually lean towards solids when purchasing fabric. I love the cute floral border on your blouse. :-)


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