Monday, November 28, 2016

Silver Sequins Big Eye Shirt

That scene threw me in a frenzy of laughter. 
That was a thick dollop of sugar coat Neil Patrick Harris laid on there.

We know people in our lives who are sugar-coaters; they avoid hurting anyone. Then there are the bias reviewers; they hype whatever makes them look good.
And then there are the straight shooters; these ones tell things as they see them. They tell you the good, the bad and the ugly. 
We need them all; some for reassurance and others for honest opinions.

When I put on this skirt, a friend whose opinion I value pointed out that the sides of the skirt didn't lie well. I hadn't planned anything else so I wore the skirt still, since, it was looking to be an unimportant day anyway. Later in the day I asked someone else what they thought of the side of the skirt; shamelessly seeking reassurance, of course. I was told: "nothing is wrong with the it", but then this same person spent a bit more effort trying to adjust something at the sides of the skirt. Probably to see is the lace leaves would lie flat and behave.  Lol. What say you?
The length of this skirt was a bit too short for my taste so I had some organza fabric added to lengthen the hem.


  1. I actually think this skirt looks lovely on you! And the top is so much fun!

  2. You look amazing!!! What a gorgeous outfit!


  3. Love the sequins! You look so chic, babe!

    Happy Cyber Monday!!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  4. What a great look. I love the sequins shirt, so cool!

  5. Looking amazing babe! xx

  6. You're right, we need reassurances and honest opinions too. I say this skirt with scalloped lace is very beautiful but it's even more beautiful now that you've added organza. Great look,love it!

  7. I think this look is perfect! I love the mix of fabrics and textures.


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