Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Beauty Tricks // 5 Practical Ways I Use Q-tips in my Beauty Routine

Q-tips. Cotton swabs. Cotton buds. Whichever you choose to call it, they remain one of those ordinary items that we almost never give our attention. Heck, I know people who have not owned a pack of Q-tips in a year. They can do without them. Maybe you can too and that's perfectly OK, but, I can't and here's why: I use it for the following reasons
1. To dab away mid-day shine
When you have oily skin, like I have, you'll find that even the best primers can only go so far and by the end of the day, at about 4-6 pm, you'd have some shine on your face. It happens. To keep it in check without ruining my make up I gently roll Q-tips along the shiny areas on my T-zone to soak up the shine. 
2. To clean up make up mistakes
From mascara Oops, eye liner ah ah, lipstick Ooohm to excess foundation yekpa, Q-tips help to erase them all conveniently without the need to start all over.
3. To clean my belly button
I usually dip Q-tips in my astringent or coconut oil, whichever I grab a hold of first and rid my belly button (navel) of all debris.
4. To blend eye shadow and create a smoky eye effect
When I want to create a soft smoky eye effect for day time I apply my eye shadow and then use a Q-tip to gently smudge it from side to side. 
5. To clean my tear ducts 
You know the gooey stuff that sometimes accumulates in eye corners especially on a particularly dusty day? Yep. I gently pick them off using Q-tips.

Do you stock up on Q-tips? How do you use Q-tips? 


  1. Thanks for the tips babe! They are all so useful. Have a lovely week! <3


  2. Q-tips are essential for me because I always get mascara everywhere! Haha

  3. Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Inez,

    I love those Qtips with wooden mid-sections, Very sturdy compared to the plastic ones. Ah, you are right, they'd be great for cleaning the navel with.

    I use Q-tips to wipe off excess colour at the corner of my lips while applying lipstick, to achieve that perfectly defined pout.

    The one item that I cannot live without is Baby Wipes. Lol


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