Friday, October 28, 2016

Fringe benefits from Zaful

Zaful shirt / Peacock flats / Oasis jeans / local shop bought shirt
 You've heard this truth before that we're all unique in our own different ways, we just have to find what makes us us. Getting inspired by someone or something is different from imitating someone or something. With the former you adapt something to suit your uniqueness, while with the latter you adapt yourself to fit into someone's uniqueness. The uniqueness of this denim shirt from Zaful is the crazy fringe details on the sleeve and hem. I've adapted it to suit my inner quirky side. I like to think that it brings that hidden craziness lurking inside to the surface in a way that the world would accept and embrace.
I wore my multi color costume jewelry necklace to add some lowkey oomph to the look.

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  1. I'm glad to read your review. They contacted me recently and so I look forward to reviewing them as well. I love this top! How fun!


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