Monday, October 31, 2016

Embroidered Stripe Dress from Zaful

Zaful dress / Bellini shoes / local shop bought necklace (similar)
 Sometimes, we tend to fixate on the flaw, the fault, the imperfections in our lives or the lives of the people we know and we miss all the beautiful things surrounding us. When we encounter something beautiful and almost perfect it seems almost natural that we quickly find the fault and fixate on it; we ignore all the other wonderful qualities we have and berate ourselves for our flaws. When we stand in front of the mirror we ignore all the beautiful naturally perfect parts of us and fixate on what we think we need to change. I did with this beautiful embroidered dress from Zaful. It came in size S, but was still too big for my frame. I fixated on how to get it to fit, but then observed it had no darts and quickly realized the option to install or not to install darts was probably left to the customer. After having darts installed it fit in a beautifully relaxed way and I dress up the embroidered stripes with an old bohemian necklace and red pointy shoes for a chic boho look.

This post is sponsored by Zaful, all opinions are honestly mine own.

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