Doing the 90's with Zaful

Zaful choker / Amazon earrings /BC Footwear Lace up flats / River Island jeans / local shop bought embroidered shirt

You know how in real life Prince Charming sometimes turns out to be a jerk? I wasn't surprised to find it happen in fantasy world too when the curtain truly lifted to expose the 'ever after' world of Walt Disney's Princes and Princesses in the movie: Into The Woods. A lot of moments happened that brought some realism into the subtly misleading fantasies of my childhood favorite stories. Life's been fun lately and I've been taking things in stride. Savoring moments; good and seemingly bad, as they come is what I've been doing a lot lately. Thankfully nothing as bad as a yucky prince charming.  Embroidery has been having its moment this Fall. It's on everything from denim pants to dresses and shirts...even on shoes! And I'm seizing this moment to wear the heck out of embroidered pieces in my wardrobe, starting with this black floral embroidered shirt. The black thready floral design looks like someone doodled on the shirt. I find it endearing. I'm also having tons of moments wearing this black choker necklace from Zaful. 
Outfit 1: Casual Classic
One of such moments happened when I was having this photo taken. A woman paid me a compliment and asked where I got it. I said: Online at Zaful and she went right to the store. Zaful is a very popular site which I've unashamedly 'window shopped' at for a long time now because they have awesome pieces and ship to Nigeria. So, when they contacted me for a collaboration I was very happy. Nevertheless, my opinions are honest.
 In this look I have styled the wrap choker with this doodly embroidered floral shirt and my lace up flats that I wore here for the first time
Zaful choker / Amazon earrings /BC Footwear Lace up flats / River Island jeans / local shop bought embroidered shirt

Outfit 2: Colorful
 For the second look, I rediscovered the beauty of this red skirt from many years before and added this beautiful gold leaf belt from Zaful  to complement the red chain on my shoes

Outfit 3: Work place Classic
The third look with this black floral embroidered shirt is with my lycra maxi skirt which I've worn here. I wore this look to work with the pink pointy flats, but switched it up for the random metallic slides which I picked up from the market on a particularly rainy day. The slides give the look an athleisure vibe which I find quite chic for a casual stroll during the day.
Btw, pardon my messy eyebrows, I wore my make up in semi darkness. :D.

This post is sponsored by Zaful, but all opinions are honestly mine.


  1. Totally rocking the 90s vibes! Loved all the outfits in here. x

    Have a lovely week,

  2. I clicked on the Zaful link, and what I found was a treasure chest of amazing chokers. You wear it well Inez. Cool yet warm. Who can wear that red dress better than you?

    Prince N'anya

  3. Great looks - I absolutely love those gold slides!
    April xx


  4. Very lovely looks!
    My fave is the one where you are wearing skinny jeans - on point!!



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