Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Beauty // What Is A Setting Powder?

I recently procured the Iman Luxury Translucent Powder in Clay Medium Deep to accompany my trusty Ben Nye Clay Mojave Luxury Powder because I needed a compact setting powder that I could carry around.
What is a Setting Powder?
A Setting Powder is a powder that 'sets' your foundation by adhering to any damp or sticky part of your foundation and sealing it so that it lasts throughout the day.
Why Should I use a Setting Powder?
It helps to control excess shine so that your makeup does not break down completely during the day. This in turn prevents the need for touch-ups which can lead to having a cake-y 'heavy' face by the end of the day.
Should I Use a Loose or Compact Setting Powder?
Both are basically the same thing only that a Loose setting powder is best for your beauty table where you apply your make up before leaving for the day. It can cause mishaps, like emptying into your bag if you carry it around with every other thing in your bag.
A Compact setting powder always comes in a compact case which makes it portable and seemingly harmless as regards to spilling in your bag.
How Should I Apply a Setting Powder?
I have found that a fluffy brush works better for a Loose Setting Powder as it helps to disperse the product without concentrating too much of it in one area while a foundation brush works better for a Compact Setting Powder.

Tip: If you can SEE the powder you've just applied to your face then you've done it wrong. Blend it in until it's natural.

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  1. I use Ben Nye Banana to set my concealer (I actually bake my face with it) and a compact for the rest of my face. Great post.


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