Thursday, July 14, 2016

Weekend Style // Powder Blue Crotchet Lace and Silver Shoes

The weekend is just around the corner and I'm wearing powder blue lace on the blog to kick start relaxing feelings for the approaching #weekend. This weekend also marks the start of the long vacation for me and maybe I'll finally put in more time at sewing lessons. You won't believe I've barely had five-six lessons in about a year! I've been that pre-occupied and lazy, I have no excuse. But, we'll see if my scatter-brain will let me channel my energy into that. When I told a couple of friends I was going to take sewing lessons they thought I was intending becoming a 'fashion designer'. I'm thankful for the good intentions, but...honestly I was just looking for another creative outlet and the ability to sew my own clothes sometimes or at least amend my own clothes.   
I wore this powder blue shirt to work sometime with a lot more coverage underneath and on a skirt! See? 
And look who is wearing something similar

If you're a teacher will you be taking Summer/ Long vac lessons? I never do. I like to keep away from school business for the duration of the long vacation and do something else very, very different. I don't have an idea yet what I might get up to. Hmmmmm. Any ideas? 

Rebecca Minkoff shoes / Denim Co jeans / Man Di lace shirt 


  1. Love love your blouse. I think learning to sew is a great idea, last summer I started learning but I moved to England for school and I still can't find where I can continue to learn. You're a teacher? I had no idea. xx

    1. Oh, thank you, Demilade. I hope you do find a way to continue your sewing lessons. Yes, I am a teacher. Have been for years now. :-)


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