3 Tassel Earrings I've Been Loving Lately

 Tassel earrings are the rave this season you'll find them hanging from a bag, a belt or in my case from my ears! I've been wearing these three in rotation for weeks now. The purple yarn tassel earring was a tough decision in color choice for me as I don't think I have a favorite color I could just go for anytime, but these are royal and I like to feel princess-y sometimes so....... :-D 
 The simple dangling chain tassel earring isn't so simple especially since it's shaped like a butterfly. I've had this one since forever and I see again and again it was good purchase at the time. I especially like that it is work appropriate. It draws attention but it isn't at all distracting. 
This suede tassel earring looks bulky and heavy, but it is incredibly light weight, I don't even feel it's there on my ears. I like the vibrancy of the orange on earthy tones and it's perfect for a fun, playful day away with friends.
You could also fall for these beaded one here

Will you be getting tassel earrings this Summer? 


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