Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Work Style // Lemons and Pinks

If you're addicted to Game of Thrones #GoT as I am you must have long seen the disgrace that befell Cersei Lannister. I was mortified when I viewed that scene after she 'confessed' and I thought: No! It was too much, but then I remembered how she'd played a role in a lot of atrocities that befell other people and how it was that only the previous episode or two she'd gone to add salt to the wounds of Margery Tyrell, whom of course was not without her own faults, and I thought: Karma. As events played out after her shameful walk I come to see that we come to learn and bear the consequences of our actions with time and in ways we do not anticipate. When the time comes things are usually beyond our control as it was when I paired this lemony shirt with the pink skirt. The pink pollen on the flowers gave a nod of agreement and the pairing was fate. 

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