Beauty: Body Scrubbing

I love scrubs and masks. We'll talk about masks another day, but today is about scrubs and body scrubbing.

What is a Body Scrub?
A body scrub is an exfoliant used to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. The skin regenerates itself every night and leaves dead cells on the surface. An accumulation of dead cells on the surface of the skin hardens with age and usually dulls the appearance of the skin overtime so using a body scrub regularly helps to keep the skin glowing.
Since a body scrub is an exfoliant it follows that using a body scrub can be referred to as exfoliating. 

Are There Kinds of Body Scrubs?
There are Salt Scrubs and Sugar Scrubs then there are scrubs made from natural materials like crushed nut shells, apricot or oatmeal.
Most Salt scrubs are made from sea salts which could be Himalayan, Mediterranean, Hawaiian or Dead Sea Salts from Isreal. Sea salts are natural purifiers that draw toxins out of the skin and they contain trace minerals such as calcium, copper, potassium, magnesium and iron. Salt scrubs are coarse and more abrasive than sugar scrubs therefore they smooth rough skin, especially around the elbows and feet better. They are not meant for daily use so should be used about once a week. 
Sugar Scrubs are less abrasive, hence are best for sensitive skin. They do not have the mineral benefits of salt scrubs, but they are less drying. Sugar contains glycolic acid which helps to condition and moisturize. 
Scrubs made from natural materials are usually very mild and can be used daily.

What are the Benefits of Exfoliating.
Exfoliation is a skin care regimen I can't do without for the very many benefits I have come to enjoy from regular use. There was a period last year when I was so busy that I was in and out; out and about and I didn't maintain a regular routine. If I ever doubted the benefits of a healthy regular skin care regimen that period removed my doubts. 

The benefits of Exfoliating include:
* Unclogging of pores by purifying them of toxins and dirt
* Balancing of oil production of the skin
* Smoothing and evening of skin tone
* Promoting circulation 
* Relaxing of muscles 
* Absorbing nourishment from serums and creams better
* Removing of stale or uncharacteristic body smells. This means smells that linger on your skin from preparing dishes in the kitchen, for example, gets washed off, leaving your skin light and fresh for a long time.
* Regular use also softens the skin. 

How To Use?
1. I wet my skin, making sure excess water has drained off, I then massage the scrub in circular motions.
2. I rinse off
3. I dry off and then apply moisturizer

Do you use scrubs or would you now?  


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