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This video of back yard chickens fighting over a slice of pizza really made my evening. It reminded me of healthy competition; of getting a piece of the slice and being content with what you got. It seemed they all just wanted a piece and not everything. And none of them tried to eliminate another, they were all so focused on "where the pizza at?" It also reminded me of my father's preoccupation with animals; chickens especially. He detested seeing any chicken get hurt. He'd treat a sick chicken rather than kill it and would always aid a chicken out of some trouble; especially tied up feet due to carelessly disposed hair extensions. Oh, and no, he wasn't a farmer. He was a civil engineer with PHCN. And, no, we didn't have a farm. We had free range chickens visiting the compound because he always had food for them. And, yes, he wasn't vegetarian. Speaking of hair extensions, I've been sporting new braids this week and loving this faux wrap animal print skirt. 
I wore a black jacket with this outfit for work, but the photo didn't come out well, so.....
Betty Barclay skirt / Anisa shoes / 

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