Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Beauty // How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

 I clean my #makeup brushes once a week to prevent build up of product and dead skin cells which could breed germs that may cause acne and other skin irritations. I can't stand the sight of product build-up on my brushes.
How I Clean My MakeUp Brushes
1. I fill a jar with lukewarm water
2. I squeeze shampoo in the water
3. I swirl my brushes in the water. I don't soak my brushes so that the glue that holds the bristles does not weaken.
4. I rinse the brushes with clean water.
5. I place the brushes on a clean towel so that excess water is absorbed.
6. I put the brushes on a piece of paper and lay them out to dry. I use a piece of paper because paper is thin enough to dry quickly. This prevents mildew from forming on the wet bristles.

If I've used my brushes longer than a week, which is a rare occurrence, I don't do a quick swirl in shampooed water. Instead, I squeeze shampoo in my palm or on a brush cleaner and swirl a brush at a time on the shampoo. Then I proceed to rinse and dry.
Why Do I Use Shampoo?
Soap and water dries out the bristles making them start to fray sooner. I use a gentle shampoo, but, if you have sensitive skin I'd recommend baby shampoo.

How often do you clean your brushes? 

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