Yellow Lace

There are times I've wanted something but settled for something else because the circumstances surrounding what I wanted were a bit extensive, but it gives me a solid sense of direction to know exactly what I want for every given period. Sometimes, it takes a while to decipher what I want out of something. Sometimes, I have to pause and ask my self, Inez, what do you want from this and there are times I don't question my direction I just know it and go with the flow. I had one of those moments with this lace shirt. When I saw it I knew I wanted it and the circumstances that surrounded it were not too excessive and so here I am showing you one of the very many ways I've been enjoying styling it. 

Atmosphere shoes / Queens skirt / Lisa Wang shirt 


  1. Love this outfit is do lady like. And I justs adore those pink pumps.

  2. Gorgeous top! And I love the bright pink heels with this look!

    1. Thanks, Robin. Those heels are my only neon bright heels yet.


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