Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Blinding Brights

First thought: What?!
But, what not? To be #nice means to be agreeable; to do what #people would like you to do. Now, Monica wouldn't have liked for #Isaac to go blind. I wouldn't have liked it too if I were Monica. So, whether it was his fault or not it wasn't nice that he went blind. It wasn't also nice that circumstances had made Isaac go blind. Nope, it wasn't nice.  But, now Isaac expects Monica to be nice and like him still. Question one is, will Monica be nice and like him still or not? Question two is, will Isaac be nice and ask Monica not to like him still? Question three is, will Isaac let Monica like him still if she decided to be nice and keep liking him?
Come to think of it, every time someone says: You're nice. It probably means you've done something that they like. You replaced the water in the dispenser. You're nice.
You took out the trash. You're nice.
You paid someone's dues. You're nice.
It's nice to be nice. But, I believe that every niceness should have a limit; a point at which we refuse to be like a skirt hanging in a shop.
Hey, I like you. OK.
I want to buy you. OK.
I don't like you. OK
You're too cheap. OK
You're too expensive. OK
I don't want to buy you. Well, get your ass to that other skirt over there.

I did get my ass to that other skirt when the store owner gave me the eye, Lol, and I came out with this beautiful apple green skirt which I've paired with the lovely Guy Laroche shirt; previously worn here.
Happy New Month, btw. 

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