Beauty: Filling My Brows // Brow Pencil, Brow Gel or Brow Powder

Gel Brows
 There are many brow formulas to choose from in prepping your brows for everyday or special occasions. There are gels, powders, pencils, pomades and liquid brow liners. What ever suits your personal taste. I gave up using pencils a long time ago and now alternate gels and powders. 
Here's why:

Brow pencils are basic. Our mothers used them and before them their mothers did too. Though more modern versions are retractable which is a good thing as it does away with sharpening. I still sharpen though. But, that's not why I no longer use them. I found that even though when sharpened to pointy perfection I can get the perfect arch, but then my brows get oily before the day is long gone and the pencil fades and has an oily appearance.  
I discovered brow gels when a sales attendant hinted towards its goodness. I love brow gels. I love how it stays put the whole day. The pack usually comes with an angled brush which makes it easy to apply accurately, but there are too many days I went heavy with it, unintentionally. I found that applying brow gels required that I'd brush through my lashes with a spoolie to even the spread of product after application. That's one too many steps. Also, gels build up on brushes. This build up causes much more product than intended to be collected from the pot and onto the brows and I have to use coconut oil to get rid of the accumulation on the brush when wash time comes. 
Now, brow powder is a recent discovery, thanks to my subscription to the Look Fantastic Beauty Box and I totally adore the simplicity of powders. Like gels they stay put and don't get oily through the day, but unlike gels I don't need a spoolie AND it does not clog the angled brush used for application the way that gels do. 
Pencils, Gels and Powders.......which have you tried? Which do you prefer?

Penciled Brows

Powdered Brows


  1. Blog maravilhoso amei a postagem linda make, bom final de semana.

  2. great review and comparison with each type of formula! :D

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