Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Debauched Garden Party

Every skill or work of art that seems to be perfection at the moment was fine tuned over the years till it got to the near perfection or perfection that we appreciate again and again. Many times we jump into something before we are prepared, but if we find it good for us and stick with it, maneuvering it and applying new tricks and inventions to it we might one day find that we've nearly made perfection out of it. I think of it as The Art of Transmuting Debauchery. Even in fashion and style only a keen eye can spot treasures from a constant stream of clothing items screaming 'buy me' from every nook and cranny. I spotted this lavender lace jacket from a stream of jackets looking old school and outdated. The strength of the lace, the attention to details, the gold vintage buttons called softly to me and I opened my mind to it. I never find items in my size, but if I didn't think it malleable I wouldn't purchase it. So, here a trip to the tailor ( I've been lazy with my sewing lessons) and back and it's near perfection for a glam day out.  


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