Queen of Stripes

I love stripes. They are chic and never fail to elevate a look. Best of all they are not tricky to wear. Stripes can be worn as a top or bottom and they pair beautifully with color blocks or floral patterns. If you are a regular reader of MSW you'd know that I never fail to combine stripes with floral, but even that is now basic for me so I needed something new, something refreshing in the stripe department hence this combination of erratic stripes. This is a top and skirt. I've had the top since forever and I thought it'd be perfect with the stripe skirt. I've been asked a second time to bring back the creative writing of last year. It brings a warmth to my heart to know it was missed. Thank you. I'd hoped to go lighter this year for my readers who prefer to only talk fashion, style, clothes and products, but I'll see how I could fit the quotes and creative writing into this new year for those who miss it. :-D 

New Look shoes / self-made skirt / 


  1. This striped dress looks amazing on you Inez!

  2. Hi Chineze,

    "Self made skirt" caught my interest. You did a great job!

    You have a lovely sense of style, you put clothes together really nicely. Well done :-)


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