Life: The Oatmeal and Banana Smoothie I Thoroughly Enjoy

When I crave a #smoothie it's usually an #oatmeal smoothie I think of. Oatmeal as porridge isn't something I look forward to, but oatmeal and banana smoothie? Yum! And so filling. It's the perfect mid-day 'snack'. And it's so simple to make. 
I'm not a chef, so no accurate measurements from me.  
For two of this glass cup I simply tossed two bananas, a handful of roasted groundnuts, a handful of  white oats (Quaker oats) uncooked and a cup full of drinking yoghurt ( that entire carton) into a blender, turned the knob and voila! The perfect smoothie.
Some Grape-Nuts on this chilled smoothie is so delicious. 
You are welcome. :-) 


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