Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Camel and Suede

In the popular TV show, #Revenge, Nolan played up Jack Porter's reawakening old #feelings for Emily Thorne before Jack even had a chance to process how he truly felt. And having just lost his dad, the #emotional instability and needing some emotional safe place made him vulnerable to Nolan's emotional manipulation which led to a premature love confession in a way I considered icky. I felt it was guilt about having broken the childhood promise he'd made with Amanda Clarke; the guilt of not fulfilling the promise of true friendship; to always be there and lend a helping hand. Sometimes, guilt as this can propel us to love unconditionally and selflessly in a bid to redeem our self. This guilt can also be our Achilles heel; the weak spot that could be exploited if we expose it to manipulation.
I hadn't wanted to purchase this brown suede skirt because it was outside my budget for the week, but as I engaged in unashamedly bantering with the shop owner I stepped on the fancy rhinestones on a shoe lying carelessly on the tiled floor and damaged it. There was the mental question of whose fault was it, which could have led to some degree of manipulation through fault finding. Or we'd have gone the bigger person route and let it slide, but we acknowledged the damage was done due to carelessness on both part we agreed a discount on this skirt would suffice. Guilt dispelled. 
CDS shirt / Franco Sarto shoes /


  1. From a legal standpoint I can certainly appreciate the negotiation! What a great score on a beautiful skirt!

  2. Great look!! Love the skirt.

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  3. Love love this look. The skirt is so lovely, your shoes too. I'm also loving your new blog look xx

  4. Oh and I just checked your list of Nigerian bloggers, wasn't expecting to see my blog there. Thank you so much for doing that. But my blog isn't Demmy Daily any more, it's now Coco Bella Blog (cocobellablog.com). Thank you once again. xx

    1. You're welcome Aina. Thank you for bringing that to my notice. I've made the change.


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