Brown Suede Skirt

I turned up my nose at the playful sexist jab, but I did bring him something #brown; something as brown as my skin. I brought him a brown suede skirt and he picked out the blue.
 I had a bottle of pink Andre champagne in my bag when I went to get this brown suede skirt, the shop owner caught a peek of it and struck up conversation in lines similar to the quote above. He said he preferred something strong and manly; something like whisky or brandy and I said well that's a shame. I had that conversation in mind when I happened upon Dee's post. 

Have you read Dee's post on double standards and feminism?  You should. It'll give you cause to think.

So, the quotes are back for Tuesdays, the first post each week. I hope you enjoy. 

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  1. Loving the look of this cobalt blue and rich camel!

  2. yayy the quotes are back!! I'm also more of a brown girl myself..Love the outfit


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