Beauty: Products I'm Loving From The Look Fantastic December Beauty Box

If you follow me on Instagram you'd have seen the December, January and February beauty boxes from Look Fantastic. I've been loving every thing from the beauty boxes, but there are some I've been using more than others. And I thought it'd be good to use the products a while before giving a review of them. 
Here are my thoughts on the two products I've been using the most from the December box for the past three weeks  ( I got my December box in January because I wasn't around to pick it up when it arrived in December).
Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser
Before the Eve Lom Cleanser I had been using Avon Clear Skin Blemish Clearing cleanser for morning and night and it was ok in helping me recover my skin from the crazy state it plunged into after the shabby way I treated it all of last year. Now, I've begun to use Avon Clear Skin Blemish Clearing cleanser for night and Eve Lom Cleanser for morning.
The Eve Lom cleanser has the consistency of a balm and applies like an ointment. It's non foaming and does not produce any sort of soapy feel. After I rinse off it feels like there's still a very thin film of mineral oil on my face, sort of like you'd get when you applied petroleum jelly and rinsed off. But, I haven't had any unusual break outs since I began using it. Now, the smell. At first I thought it smelled like tea tree oil, but the smell is stronger and not too good. Not a good smell. I like the design of the top. It requires that you squeeze the tube to get product to the top then twist the cap to open a hole in the center. When you twist the hole shut a pea-size amount of product comes out. This way you don't squeeze out more than required and you won't forget to replace the cap. 

Codage Paris Serum N.03 Radiance and Energy Serum.
On the packaging this product is said to be moisturizing, antioxidant, anti fine-lines and detoxifying. What I can tell you after using it for three weeks is that it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and moisturised. My skin feels and looks 'plump' in a good way and only one pump is enough for my face. I got the 12ml sample for a product that retails at $154 for 30ml; that's almost half the full bottle. A splendidly good thing, no? Also, the smell is lovely. 
This is my first time using a serum and I'm loving the experience. Can't wait to begin using the Nuxe Nuxellence Detox Serum in the January box. I'll keep you posted when I use that. 

You can subscribe for a Look Fantastic Beauty box here
Did I mention that the box itself is sturdy enough to be re-used for storage or something else.  

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