Thursday, February 11, 2016

Abstract Floral Print

An abstract #floral print is one I don't think I have in my #wardrobe, well, until this one. The floral prints I have are usually distinct and very clearly floral, but this floral seems unsure what it wants to be. Maybe Amaryllis? Bouvardia? Carnations? or Rose? 
Hope you get all the love you desire this Valentine and always! 


  1. Love the skirt...paired just right

  2. I agree with Amaka. I like the fullness of that skirt. I believe I need that skirt in my closet. Let me know when you're done with it. Haha

  3. Beautiful floral skirt , and your shoes are so pretty too. Have a great monday dear.

  4. I have nothing but high praise for both the fabric and the structure of your skirt.

    There's something vintage-ish about your shoes, I really like the design and colour.

    You look great.


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