Look Fantastic Beauty Box

The Look Fantastic December Beauty Box
Yes! Look Fantastic delivers to Nigeria! I was skeptical at first whether the #Beauty Box would deliver, but it did and I'm stoked.
I've searched a long time for a beauty box #subscription that would deliver to Nigeria. It seems Nigeria isn't a country in this world as it never does fit into 'we deliver worldwide' on 99.9% of online shopping sites.
Well, Look Fantastic calmed my fears as I was starting to think we were a bunch of Aliens inhabiting the planet as far as Beauty Boxes were concerned.
What is a Beauty Box?
A Beauty Box is a selection of
hand-picked beauty products that come beautifully wrapped in a box.
Box contents are usually a number of full-sized products and travel-sized samples.
Why Purchase a Beauty Box?
I'm not one to go shopping for skincare or beauty products like serums, body wash, oils and the like. I do so on very rare occasions, but I do thoroughly enjoy the pampering, so, the beauty box is the perfect way for me to indulge my feminine side and yet try out products without spending so much until I find something that really clicks with me and is worth expanding my budget for.
What Does The Look Fantastic Beauty Box Cost?
For a minimum of six (6) products the Look Fantastic Beauty Box goes for £15/month for both box and free shipping, but the contents are usually collectively worth more. 
You can save on boxes by going for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.
Find out more here
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  1. It looked like a pretty complete beauty box =) Enjoy it!


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